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How to fix water hammer or banging pipes
Plagued by water hammer?

Hi everyone and welcome to our seasonal plumbing blog. In this blog I thought I would talk a bit about a very common plumbing problem I think that we all would have experienced at some stage. And that is noisy pipes caused by water hammer.

What is water hammer?

Essentially water hammer is the banging and/or vibrating sounds that occurs within your water pipes. This will happen when your taps, toilet or water appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers are running – or when they suddenly stop. This can cause hydraulic shockwaves throughout the water pipes.

What causes water hammer?

There are numerous causes of water hammer, like high water pressure, faulty tap washers, pipework not secured, and washing machine solenoid valves, to name a few.

What can I do to fix water hammer?

If you do have a problem with water hammer or banging pipes within your house, there are a few things you can check yourself. Firstly, have a look around and under your house for any loose copper pipes that aren’t secured. If these are safely accessible, you could try fastening the pipes with some pipe saddles or clips to prevent them from moving.

Another tip is to try and identify when and where the noise happens. It might be that the hammering noise only happens when you turn your cold-water shower tap on. This would likely be that the tap washer in the cold shower tap will need to be renewed. If you do feel confident enough to change your own tap washer, I would highly recommend not using a plastic tap washer – these tend to vibrate a lot easier than a brass tap washer.

Another easy test is to take notice of your water pressure. If you feel the pressure is too high and causing a banging noise when turning off the tap, it could be you need a pressure limiting valve installed.

If you feel you’re having issues with water hammering or banging in your pipes, feel free to contact us for some professional assistance. We can help you identify and rectify the problem. We hope you have found this helpful. As always, if you have any plumbing work or quote enquiries, don’t hesitate to call – we are more than happy to help.

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