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How to avoid winter plumbing issues
Winter Plumbing

Winter is here, and with the change in season we typically receive an increased number of callouts on either hot water systems or overflowing drainpipes. In the following, we highlight some of the usual winter plumbing problems experienced by home owners and renters, and explain how they can be diagnosed and rectified.

Hot water services

The first winter plumbing tip I would recommend in the colder months is to conduct a few visual checks on your hot water service.  Signs that it may be on the way out include:

  1. Water appearing a brownish colour
  2. Water being not as hot as it normally is
  3. You may notice your hot water is running out more quickly
  4. A more concerning discovery might be if you see signs of water pooling around your hot water service

If your hot water service is around the 10 year mark, any of the above symptoms indicate you may be in need of a new system in the near future. When it comes to your hot water service, we would recommend being proactive and having it attended to as soon as you begin noticing any of the above symptoms. A replacement or a repair is a much better option than waiting until your hot water system completely goes and you have no hot water at all, or worse, a faulty hot water system could flood, and cause water damage to your house.

At J&S Olsen Plumbing, we can make an appointment to attend your property and conduct a service on your hot water system to ensure that it is running effectively. Should we find that you do need a replacement, we will talk you through your best options.

Rainwater’s effect on plumbing systems

With all of the rain we have experienced of late, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your guttering – is it overflowing or are your down pipes leaking?  These issues can be caused by a number of different reasons.

  1. You may have a build up of leaves, debris or silt within your gutters, not allowing water to flow through to the downpipe
  2. Your guttering could have been installed with not enough gradient fall, or even no fall, towards the downpipe, causing water to pool and overflow
  3. Another cause of blocked gutters can be blocked storm water pipes.

With winter usually being the wettest season of the year, it’s definitely worth getting your stormwater and gutter systems checked and cleaned. We have the latest in drain cleaning technology and CCTV pipe camera investigation to help identify any underground stormwater blockages. If you need your gutters cleaned, we can help with that too.

Whether your issue is blocked guttering or storm water services, give our team a call, or book online. We will have one of our friendly qualified plumbers attend your property for a winter plumbing audit and talk you through whatever work may be required to rectify the problem.

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