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How to conserve water with rainwater tanks
Rainwater tanks

Water conservation these days is more important than ever. And one of the best ways to help with water sustainability is to install a rainwater tank and harvest the water that falls on your roof. There are many different type of water tanks available, depending upon your requirements and available locations around your property.

Once you have harvested your water you have many options on how you can best utilise this precious resource.

You can install a basic gravity-fed tap to water your garden. Gravity can be a reliable, silent way to supply rainwater without the need for external power. The tap would be fitted to the bottom of the tank and would supply sufficient pressure to fill anything from a watering can to your pool.

Another alternative is to run a pressure pump with a rains to mains water switch. This very efficient system gives you the ability to use your available tank water and only switch to town water when your tank runs dry. It will automatically switch back to the water tank when it rains again and your water supply has been replenished.

Installing a water tank gives you the ability to run a sprinkler onto your grass or wash the car guilt-free. You can even run rainwater supply to your toilets or washing machine to save our valuable drinking water.
At J&S Olsen we can meet with you onsite to discuss your needs for rainwater. We’ll cover the best location for a water tank, the best way to get the water into the tank and where the overflow from the tank will run.

We will discuss different types of brands of tanks and pumps that best suits your household needs, and we can also arrange a concrete slab for the tank to sit on, and a power point for the pressure pump.
To find out more about rainwater harvesting, you can visit YourHome the Australian Government’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes.

If you are interested in installing a water tank, call our friendly team today on 0400 603 545 or book online.

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