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How to fix leaking taps or cisterns
Leaking taps and cisterns

Wasting water is not just adding dollars to your water bill each cycle, but also depleting our most important resource.

Did you know that about 80% of household water goes to waste? When it comes to our plumbing fixtures e.g., toilets and taps, we need to monitor them regularly, as a dripping tap left for a year can, in some cases, fill a small swimming pool.

Should I fix leaking taps myself?

When it comes to dripping or leaking taps, most people come straight to the conclusion that they need to replace the washer. And yes, in many cases that is correct, but there can be more than just a tap washer when it comes to finding the cause.  There could be an issue with the brass seat, or maybe the o-ring is causing water to leak out of the spindle.  You may not even have a tap washer in your taps, you could have a ceramic disc style tap, or a mixer tap with a cartridge. Whatever style or type of tap you have, don’t risk trying to make the repair yourself. Too many times we have attended a property after the owner has attempted to repair a leaking tap only to make the issue worse, resulting in a more costly job once they do end up calling the plumber.

Cistern leaks

Toilets are another common cause of water wastage. A lot of the time a toilet can be leaking very slightly without your knowledge.  If you suspect your toilet is leaking there are a couple of tests you can do at home. One is to listen to your cistern. If you hear a noise coming from your cistern like it is filling up sporadically without you flushing, this is a sign you have an issue with the outlet washer. Another test is to can grab a handful of toilet paper and hold it against the inside of your toilet bowl when you haven’t flushed. If you see water wetting the toilet paper, it’s a good sign you have a leaking cistern.

If you suspect you have a leaking tap or toilet, it’s best to call us or book online. We’ll have a fully qualified plumber attend your property and ensure your plumbing fixtures are leak free.

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