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How to prepare for excessive rainfall
Excessive rainfall

If all the weather reports are correct, it looks like we’re in for a third straight year of a La Nina weather event which means that we have more than average rainfall heading our way in the coming months.

Excessive rainfall’s effect on stormwater and sewer systems

One of the issues we’ve noticed over the last couple of years, with excessive rainfall, is sewer systems not coping. The problem is that stormwater systems shouldn’t run into a sewer system. But on many houses there has been cross connections of the stormwater and sewer systems. This is a big problem, especially in large rain events. If there are any restrictions in your sewer pipes such as tree roots, grease or fat, the large volume of water running through your pipes in heavy rain can back up very quickly, causing many issues like flooding or overflowing pipes.

Excessive rainfall affecting gutter systems

If you have any concerns about the condition of your pipes, give us a call and we can investigate all your sewerage or stormwater pipes using CCTV. Should the result show that your pipes need clearing, we can clear blocked or partially blocked pipes with our high pressure water Jetter. Or if your pipes are damaged or collapsed, we can repair or renew them as well.

Another obvious issue in wet weather is overflowing gutters. A lot of the time, this is just caused by the build-up of leaves and silt. If you feel like it’s time to have a closer look at your gutters and give them a good cleanout, give us a call. We’ll attend your property to investigate and inform you on what we would recommend regarding a full house clean. Even if it turns out to be just one blocked pipe, we can help either way.

If you want to prepare for the excessive rainfall coming our way, give our friendly team a call on 0400 603 545 or use the contact page on our website and we’ll book a time convenient to you to check our your stormwater and gutter systems.

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