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How to tell if your hot water service is on the way out
Is your hot water service on the blink?

Hot water is one of those things that a household just takes for granted until one day you wake up with not a drop of hot water.

The average age of an electric hot water unit is between 8-10 years old and around 10-15 years old for a gas system. And for a continuous flow hot water service, you can expect around 15 years.

A few signs your hot water service may be ready for replacement, is a brown/rusty coloured water coming out of your hot taps. This is usually due to a build-up of rust and sediment in the bottom of the tanks.

Other signs of a hot water service on the way out may be if the tank is leaking water or internally hissing water. If you have no hot water at all, the problem might be a thermostat, an electric element or a gas pilot light going out.

If you feel like your hot water service isn’t operating as it should or it’s not operating at all, call J&S Olsen Plumbing and we’ll have a fully qualified plumber attend to your hot water service and help diagnose the problem. It may just need a thermostat replacement, or you may have to replace the whole hot water service. We will discuss what the problem is and the best way to repair or rectify the issue.

We will advise all options of the tank brands and types of materials used in the tank e.g., glass, stainless steel, or copper and whether electric, gas, or solar is the best option for you.

Please call 0400 603 545 or book online with our friendly team today.

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