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What you should know about gas supply
Gas supply and leaks

Gas supply to a house, whether natural gas or LPG, is one of those jobs that a homeowner should never attempt to work on or repair. While household gas is perfectly safe, an unlicensed person working on a gas system can result in potentially dangerous or even fatal consequences.

Gas leaks

If you experience a gas-like smell in your house, or experience light-headedness, headaches or tiredness, you may have a gas leak. Or perhaps your gas supply bill has jumped up considerably without using any more than the usual amount of gas. If you feel you may have a gas leak, don’t hesitate. Call us and we’ll make your job a top priority.

Gas supply

Gas is still a very popular fuel, and with greener gas on the horizon, many consider gas a preferred method of heating or cooking in the home. The benefits are that it’s always there when you need it and it’s generally cheaper than electricity to run. It also produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than electricity.

Installing a gas connection or appliance?

If you are considering installing gas connections or appliances, we can help. We offer services such as the complete design and installation of your gas supply system, from your gas meter through to your gas fixtures, including bayonet fittings, gas cooktops, ovens, hot water systems, barbecues, heating systems, pool heaters and anything else you can run on gas.

We also provide installation and testing of your gas fixtures, pressure tests for your gas lines and certification. If you are after any type of gas supply work on your property, give us a call or book online and we will get a fully qualified plumber/gas fitter to attend your property.

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