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How to diagnose the causes of blocked drains

Blocked drains are a very common problem in older houses with earthenware pipes. Sewer and stormwater systems built with earthenware pipes are notorious for blocking up. The biggest issue with these older pipes is that tree roots commonly enter through old mortar joints or places where the pipes have broken.


At J&S Olsen Plumbing, we have the latest in drain cleaning and CCTV pipe camera technology. We can clear your blockage in sewer or stormwater drains and once cleared, investigate with our pipe camera.

The results will determine whether we need to continue clearing or what the cause of the blocked drain was likely to be. We can also locate where the drain is blocked is from aboveground with our pipe locator. We will discuss with you whether the issue will recur within a short time period and whether it is something you can manage with continuing maintenance or a possible pipe replacement.

Looking after your drains

We’ve all heard the Hunter Water commercials advertising only to flush the Three P’s down the loo. For those of you with a strong stomach, they’ve provided an image in one of their blogs of a “fatberg” cleared in 2019 to illustrate what happens when you don’t!

So, to ensure your pipes stay blockage free, here are a few items to avoid flushing down the loo:

  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton pads
  • Female hygiene products
  • Dental floss
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Kitty Litter
  • Hair

An additional cause of blocked drains can be grease, fat and oil going down the kitchen drain. Pouring oil into a garbage bin, or soaking up leftover cooking oil in your frypan with kitchen paper are much better options to keep your drains healthy.

Blocked drain symptoms

If you notice any blocked drain symptoms like rising water in your toilet, sinks or showers or any gurgling sounds or siphoning, phone to book a qualified plumber to attend, and we’ll help clear your blockage.

This is one of those situations where “a stitch in time saves nine” and prompt attention can save you all kinds of future problems. Call our friendly team today on 0400 603 545 or book online.

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